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Whether you know it or not, there is an issue with the all new 2020/2021 C8 Corvette that allows water to pool in the front strut towers. The towers are made from aluminum but the strut hardware isn't and the pooling water causes the top nut and bolt to rust. Our C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers provides a simple solution and prevents the water from entering the strut towers. Our covers are made from durable black ABS plastic and look like a factory piece once installed. Installation of our C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes with minimal tools.

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The following image shows the difference between our C8 Strut Tower Covers for vehicles with and without Mag Ride shocks.

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Installation of Your AOR C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers

Use the link below to watch our detailed video installation. Or, if you prefer written instructions complete with images, scroll down.

Tools required:

Pry tool
10mm socket and ratchet
Wire cutters

To install

1. Remove the side covers. They are held on with friction clips. To remove the side covers, pull them toward the center of the car.

2. Remove the large center cover. Again it is held on with friction clips, pull upward.

3. Remove the wire loom from the driver's side strut tower using a pry tool.

4. Remove the 10mm from the coolant reservoir.

5. Insert strut tower cover with the tab between the strut tower and the reservoir. Install bolt and tighten with 10mm socket.

6. Remove the nylon clip (with a pry tool) on the corner of the passenger side trim panel.

7. Slide the passenger side strut cover into place by angling the cover towards the outer fender then rotating it into place. Be careful not to bend or damage the hard line or fluid reservoir!

8. Install the zip tie around hard line. Ensure the zip tie is around the rubber isolator.

9. Reinstall the center and side covers and the job is complete. .


DeeperImage Automotive has posted a review at DeeperImage Automotive that shows the front shock tower nuts that are beginning to rust away. His video shows that water gets trapped in the top hat suspension compartments where the 3 rusting nuts are holding the shocks in place. Check out DeeperImage Automotive's review below: